Architects in Brisbane

For those who want to create their own home, an architect is the professional who can make your dream a reality.

Architects in Brisbane and the Surrounding Areas


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What does an Architect Do?

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An Architect is a professional designer of bespoke houses. If you want an original design or a design based on your concepts that you have seen or desired, then an architect can bring these designs to life. They will use their skills and knowledge of building design, and will draft up concepts for review, and on approval they will then detail these designs to the actual nuts and bolts designs required by fabricators and builders.

According to the Australian Institute of Architects “Architecture influences all aspects of the built environment and brings together the arts, environmental awareness, sciences and technology. By combining creative design with technical knowledge, architects create the physical environment in which people live, which in turn, influences quality of life”.

Furthermore “An architect is more than a designer. An architect can manage the entire design and construction process. A minimum of five years’ university training, mandatory practical experience and a registration exam separates architects from other less-qualified building designers.

An architect will help you set a viable and realistic budget, guide you through the town planning process, obtain competitive quotes for the work, manage consultants such as surveyors and engineers, monitor the budget and administer the construction contract. Critically, your architect will inspect the work right through the construction period to assist you to get the quality and level of finishes you expect”. To read the full article on what an Architect does click here.

Brisbane Architects

Architects belong to the Australian Institute of Architects. You can search their website to locate an architect. Before engaging an Architect, it is recommended to contact the office below, who can provide you with some current information, and an up to date list of Architects you may want to work with.


Queensland Chapter
Australian Institute of Architects
70 Merivale Street
South Brisbane
PO Box 3275
South Brisbane, Qld 4101
ph: (07) 3828 4100
1800 807 145

When do you need an Architect?

You need an Architect if you wish to design a bespoke home (an original design), or add elements of various designs together, and wish to incorporate various building technologies, modern design principals, wish to add features that maximise particular feature, or minimise other features.


The top 5 things to prepare before meeting an Architect?

  1. Drawings, pictures, magazine cutouts etc of the designs that you like
  2. Information regarding the block you have chosen. Address, site photo’s, direction of the views you want to capture, details of things you want to avoid, like windows towards a road, or your neighbours bedroom window.
  3. Your vision on how the project will be managed
  4. Your opinion on who is to own the Copyright
  5. A clear budget and timescale. Be prepared to demand in writing that budget and / or time is adhered to.

The top 5 Questions to ask an Architect?

  1. Can you show me an example of your work that directly equates to the concept I have
  2. Can you show me your ability to complete a project on time and on budget
  3. What are your schedule of rates for various services in your company
  4. How often do you retain Copyright of the designs
  5. When pricing the building construction, what is your process in obtaining fixed quotes, and how do you ensure project builders meet these quotes.

Utilising an Architect and Who Owns the Design

It is typical that this is a sticking point between some Architects and Owners. As Architects see their skill also as an Art Copyright does come into play.

When initially speaking to Architects you should be upfront very early about who retains the ownership of the Copyright to the designs. If you seek their opinion on designs and they have an input, then depending on how you have written your engagement the Architect may hold the right to the Copyright of the design.

If you don’t want to have any input apart from the inspiration gathering, then leaving the Copyright with the Architect may not be a problem for you. However, if you have some great ideas, then you may want to discuss Copyright up front with the Architect, just in case you decide to make the designs available elsewhere. Some Architects will always want to retain the copyright and the rights to re-use the ideas, design, or techniques developed on your project.

Do Architects Need to Develop the House Design Plans?

Potentially not. A drafter can produce house design plans for fabrication as long as these are suitable plans passing the building codes relevant.

Should the Architect be the Project Manager?

Once again, the Architect may want to be the project manager, overseeing the building process. You can engage a Builder who can do this to. Once again, you need to think though your overall plan, and understand the various roles, and also whom may be the best person to fill each of those roles.

What to do with your House Plans

Once you have your house plans, you can get your Architect to get builders to quote on the construction costs and time, or, you can yourself send out the plans to different builders to quote on. If the Architect has retained the copyright, then you will need to ensure protection of the designs. Speak to your Architect before sending out the designs for quotes.