House and Land Packages in Jimboomba

Jimboomba is located approximately 40 kilometres south of Brisbane CBD. Serviced by the Mount Lindsey Highway, and surrounded by some major development areas such as Yarrabiliba, Flagstone, and Beaudesert.


Jimboomba Township

Jimboomba has seen a massive increase in the local population over the last 5 years. Having an established town centre, hosting major retailers such as Woolworths (a grocery store, a Dan Murphy’s, and a BWS), and a Coles store. Nearby there are all the typical signs of an established town with a McDonalds, KFC, numerous Pizza and fast food outlets. All of these business equals jobs, lots of jobs.

Whilst the existing Town has huge potential for development and infill, it seems that the local responsible council hasn’t been working towards fulfilling the local town plan very much at all. A quick scan of the local paper and it seems that local infrastructure is a hot topic in the locality.

Cusack Land Developments

Travelling along Cusack Lane, which is a main road, heading west from the township it is immediately evident that there are huge developments occurring right now. Earthworks seems to be a constant theme with AV Jennings just commencing their earthworks, and then another development has completed their internal road infrastructure and 4 to 5 new houses are already in place. Coming to the end of Cusack Lane at the corner of Teviot road, and a service station has most of its earthworks in place.

What will happen to Flagstone?

Turning left onto Teviot road takes one to the Flagstone development. The question in my mind as I reflect on the previous 5 kilometres, is why would people choose to drive 5 more kilometres now to Flagstone? Surely with AV Jennings and others such as the Greenbank / Pub Lane development, what will be the ‘drivers’ (pun intended as the public transport in this region is non existent), for people to buy at Flagstone.


Turning right onto Teviot away from Flagstone, its not far until the Pub Lane development, and the Teviot Downs development loom. Earthworks for entry is evident at the land holding opposite the Woolworths development. A drive down Pub Lane takes onto to Teviot Downs, and then onto the Spring Mountain area. Once again it is clearly evident that there are numerous developments getting underway.

Will there be an oversupply of housing?

Not having tallied the numbers of home blocks proposed in all these observed developments, it is clear though that there is a significant amount of homes to be built in the next 2 years in this area. Whilst Springfield Lakes has taken 25 years to be a city, including a train station, a super commercial facility, and truely connected to the greater Brisbane and Ipswitch, these developments seems to only be in existence due to very poor policy by the responsible council, and not planned at all to include transport, nearby employment, or even social services such as Hospitals, Police, Commercial facilities etc. Time will tell, and time often fixes these things despite the relevant council and state government actions. For the 100,000 plus residents moving into this area in the next 5 years, don’t expect to see supporting infrastructure being in place anytime soon.



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